We’d estimate that thousands of different cannabis strains have existed throughout the history of time. With all of the various options out there, indica sativa hybrid, it can be hard to determine which type of cannabis is best. For just about any strain, you can find top tier cannabis at our dispensary in Federal Heights. Even when you know it’s hard to go wrong, there’s still some desire to identify which cannabis strain is the very most appealing.

This leads people to categorize cannabis intro groups. That way, theoretically, it should be easier to identify which specific strains will offer a particular type of effect. Every cannabis strain is unique, but lumping them together by primary characteristics makes it easier to narrow down the options on a dispensary menu. One of the most classic ways to talk about cannabis is in terms of Indica versus Sativa.


  • Indica Strains – Indica strains are what people typically think about when they imagine enjoying cannabis and dozing off while a movie plays.

  • Sativa Strains – Sativas are popular among people who like to be more active after enjoying cannabis. They’re associated with physical activities, social gatherings, and creative pursuits.

  • Hybrid Strains – This is a category to catch all of the strains that can’t necessarily be considered either an Indica or a Sativa. Hybrids can be dominated by Indica or Sativa characteristics, or they may be very balanced.


Some budtenders will be able to make a strain recommendation based on what you typically prefer. While even two strains of the same general type can have dramatically different effects, this is probably the best place to start your education on different varieties of cannabis. Learn more about the differences between Indicas and Sativas before diving more into the nuances of individual strains.


Indica cannabis strains usually come from short, bushy plants. Indica strains typically grow in slightly cooler climates than other types of cannabis. They’re often purchased by people who like to enjoy cannabis at night. If you want to put a movie on, read a book, or just go about your bedtime routine, you may be looking for an Indica that can serve as a nightcap. People often refer to the effects of Indicas as a “body high.”


Physically speaking, Sativa weed strains typically grow on taller, thinner plants. These strains seem to grow most naturally in warm or tropical climates. Of course, any type of cannabis can be grown effectively just about anywhere now, thanks to indoor growing facilities. Sativa strains are a popular choice for the morning or the middle of the day, especially among people who plan on doing something active.


Some say Indicas are for eating snacks and getting comfortable, Sativas are for being active and alert, and Hybrid weed strains are somewhere in the middle. Truthfully, though, the most significant similarities between categories are physical. That is, Indicas normally grow like other Indicas, and Sativas grow like other Sativas. This is important for growers to know as they cultivate the healthiest cannabis possible, but it isn’t necessarily a predictor of the effects of cannabis.

Some people ask about Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids just because they hear those words get thrown around a lot. An experienced budtender will undoubtedly understand what you mean and be able to help you find an appealing strain. Still, though, it’s better to use terms that more accurately reflect what you want. If you want to feel calm and sleepy, say that. If you want to feel inspired and euphoric, say that. If you’re just sampling different strains to find a new favorite, that’s good to know too.